Monthly Craft Box (Family Night)

Monthly Craft Box (Family Night)


Family Night Theme Craft Box!

What the kids will create:

Kids & parents will create their own games to play for a fun filled family night.

Box includes materials for 3 games.

Sign up to get pre-packaged kids DIY crafts delivered to your door. Enjoy a family night with your kid(s) doing something creative.

How your subscription works:

(Pima County & Surrounding areas only as of now.)

Each craft theme will be published to see between the 9th-15th of each month. Orders will be closed on the 28th of this month for this theme. Craft boxes will consist of 2-5 crafts depending on the theme. Majority of crafts are a bit of recycle mixed with a bit of new.

Each month you’ll receive an invoice in your email that you’ll choose to pay or not. We do not automatically take money out of your account or hold your cards information.

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